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SAN DIEGO -- "Today marks a bold new era for scriptwriters," announced co-founder Gary O'Mary as he introduced ScreenplayWire's amazing new web seminar - How to Pitch a Script.  It's the latest brainchild of ScreenplayWire, the new internet site devoted to advancing the skills of would-be screenwriters worldwide.
    The 10 Step on-line seminar offers a host of features designed to assist the screenwriter, whether clueless novice or seasoned pro, in becoming successful - both creatively and financially (we do not court critical acclaim here).  How to Pitch a Script is an essential primer on how to sell a screenplay to a major studio, independent filmmaker, or as a vocational training video.  It contains comprehensive information on selling a movie concept, including the who, what, when, where, and for how much!
    Says O'Mary, "If you take your writing seriously, then so do we at ScreenplayWire. So get on your duff in front of that computer, grab a cup of coffee, some old newspaper headlines, scissors and tape, and start learning How to Pitch a Script!" -- SpW

HOLLYWOOD -- The success of recent blockbuster films like Ironman and Thor has made Hollywood more attuned than ever to the power of toys and comic books to generate massive box office dollars. There are numerous scripts making the rounds among producers and venture capitalists that follow this trend. The one getting the most buzz is currently kicking around at Miramax, and is said to feature a treasured toy as the male lead - the "Slinky."
    Script development has been slowed by the lead character's lack of arms, and the need for all action scenes to take place on stairs. Slinky's agent, Melvin Cohen, is reported to favor Strawberry Shortcake, Malibu Barbie, or even a Troll Doll over the studio's choice of Halle Berry for the juicy role of
Slinky's aerobics instructor.  Shortcake appears to have the inside track as a less than pleased Malibu Barbie is mired in overtime with Quentin Tarantino's noir actioner Sandbox, Sandbox, Killer Thong, which is over budget and into two extra weeks of production.
    No director has yet been hired, and insiders see trouble as plot battles (and casting drama) will emerge over whether evil villain Silly Putty must die at film's end, or whether Putty can re-up for a promised sequel. Miramax is being cautious with a budget of $80M, and location shooting set in Prague. -- SpW

Screenwriter Award Debut Flare-Up
QUAD CITIES -- In order to boost publicity for the newly founded Quad Cities Harmony Film Festival, the organizers have announced a new award to be given to the year's best effort by a screenwriter.  Christened "Quadie", the new accolade will be represented by a celluloid statuette with an intertwined "D","M", "RI" and "B". These are the first letters of the four famous Quad Cities that are an increasingly important center for film production, film catering, and film mobile dressing rooms (please don't call them "trailers"). The dramatic unveiling ceremony was delayed by a fire that erupted in celebrity presenter Lindsay Lohan's car, which then spread to the Applebee's where the event was held.  No one important was hurt. -- SpW