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How to Pitch a Script  On-line Seminar
"I guess I just couldn't help myself.  There I was, pitching my guts out
  over a film concept that didn't stand the chance of a dog fart in a deli,   when suddenly it came to me…   Slay Clay was not the right name
  for the picture!"
                                                                   Quentin Tarantulatino

We've all heard and seen this now infamous quote on late night talk shows and milk cartons everywhere. I use it here to illustrate the insane and intense emotions that accompany trying to sell your script. We have all been there, and sometimes it is not pretty.

But you can learn to overcome the terrors of a big presentation to studio moguls (or stooges, if you haven't done your ihomework*). ScreenplayWire will walk and talk you through the steps necessary to woo and wow the decisionmakers in Hollywood and beyond.

Our 10 Step Program will ensure that you can convey your movie concept to anyone in a clear, concise and persuasive way that can insure success. We are so certain that you will love this process and its outcome, that with the successful mastery of step 9, we will offer each student our unbelievable PitchPro® 10th Step at a nominal** fee.

We invite you now to take a next step to cinematic stardom, on the way to becoming a real screenwriter who can pitch a concept and a script like a pro, even to the Weinsteins. Good luck and good pitching!

Dress neatly, and wear shoes.

They'll be eating out of your hand.

(Note: This photo is a simulation for training purposes only. An actual depiction of the people who will be listening to your pitch is much too frightening for beginners.)

* Elsewhere in this document we will spell out how to make product placement work for you in selling a script (this footnote brought to you by Apple, makers of iPhone and iPod).

** Our dictionary defines "nominal" as follows:
nom·i·nal – adjective
1. being such in name only; so-called; putative:
Finnish: nimellinen   Hungarian: névleges   Russian: номинальный; формальный   Chinese (Simplified): 有名无实的